14 November 2004

Adopted Centaur

Kentaurs has reached 23,815 words today (did 1759 today), and Octavian still can't see, but now he's to be adopted by the kentaurs, because they don't allow humans to cross the River Acheron. And Tavie has to cross so he can be initiated as a shaman-oracle in order that he won't go mad. And so it goes.

I didn't end up having to drive to Langford today; instead Sue and I did some Christmas shopping (during which I didn't buy very many presents), went to the library, and mailed things at the post office. More junk sold on eBay, heading off to its new owners. Then I worked on Fey but didn't get much done--most of the page is pencilled, but then there's the inks and the scanning and the adding of text.

Now I go eat cereal and drink tea, read volume 18 of InuYasha and sleep. G'night.

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