09 November 2004

Nearing 15,000

I'm at 14,752, and those last 600 or so words were really, really hard. Mostly because there is scene I need to write that's coming up soon and it might be very large, and I wanted to start with that tomorrow. I think I came up with something useful to say, and didn't just write a whole bunch of filler. But I suppose I can always cut it later, if need be.

And now something that has nothing to do with centaurs (and nothing to do with much of anything else, really): my favorite anime episode title is "The Girl who Overcame Time, and the Boy who was Just Overcome" (the very first episode of InuYasha). I don't know why, but I love that title. Now I must go do some very brief exercises, read some words written by someone who is not me, and go to sleep. I always need to read other people's writing before bed when I'm working on fiction; otherwise, my own stories will keep me awake all night.

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