21 November 2004

Not a Bit

Not a bit of dialogue today, that is, unless you count and owl saying "whoo-hoo," in which case there is one hyphenated onomatopoeic word of dialogue. My heroes are alone with their thoughts and their fears, on a cliff overlooking a lake (each on a different part of the cliff). Tavie doesn't even have his horse. The first day is almost over, but there are two more to go, plus the nights in between. They have water and fire but no food. Oh yeah, and Tavie's still blind.

Writers are mean to their creations sometimes, but if we weren't, nothing important would ever happen in our fictional worlds. Anyway, I wrote 2040 words (yee-haw, more than 2000 again), and am now at 37,117. That's 12,883 left to go. At least. And only 10 days. Phew.

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