06 November 2004

Which InuYasha [fill-in-the-blank] Are You?

theOtaku.com: What Inuyasha Hero Are You?

"Reclusive and often grumpy." Yup, that's me. Hee hee. I get to be InuYasha!

theOtaku.com: What Inuyasha Villain Are You?

[In case you can't see the pictures, which sometimes vanish, I'm evil, evil, evil Naraku.]

theOtaku.com: Who Is Your Inuyasha Mystery Date?

[If you can't see this pic, either, my mystery date is Kouga the wolf demon.]


Rowena said...

Hey Nik, I can't see the images in this posting. I thought it might be a weird connection thing so I checked back today, but I still can't see them.

Niko said...

Yeah, sometimes they show up for me, and sometimes they don't (I'm seeing them now). I suspect it's a bandwidth thing with the originating server. I should add little notes so people will know my results even without the pics.