26 February 2010

Blog Ring: Tuscan Road Designs

This week's featured blog in the Handmade Artists Forum Blog Ring is Tuscan Road Designs. The proprietor of Tuscan Road says this of herself:
I love to work with color and texture, Swarovski Crystal and the natural beauty of Semi Precious Gemstones. Many of my pieces have an eclectic, asymmetrical style. I have consistently been inspired during my numerous world travels, always keeping an eye out for the beautiful and unusual bead or idea that helps make these one-of-a-kind creations so unique.
She's certainly got a knack for combining a bunch of different elements into funky jewellery, as you can see from this piece:

The featured blogger from the other HAF ring is CJGrand, who just happens to be a watcher of this very blog (hi!).


Handmade Artists' Forum said...

Great post Holly is really talented as well as your writing style. She also has a lovely shop here Tuscan Road on the HAFshop!
if you want to take a peak!

Mewes Mountain Arts said...

I love the piece you chose to show on your site. Very nice post!

jewelry by NaLa said...

Love the colors and textures in this lovely piece. Holly is very talented.

trusk4u said...

Gorgeous piece you chose to feature! Nice post too!

TuscanRoad said...

It's been fun reading all the wonderful posts' Thank you for yours!