03 February 2010

Wednesday Wishlist: Octopus Pendant

For this week's Wednesday Wishlist, I bring the truly wonderful work of Sheryl Westleigh (aka noadi on Etsy). I had such a hard time choosing one piece to feature here that I have to recommend you go browse through her whole shop. It's "Squid & Science Inspired Jewelry"--truly an artist after my own heart.

I finally settled on the Orange Octopus above to show you, but I love them all. Each one is hand-crafted from polymer clay and you can tell from the photos how lovingly made they are. Not only are there octopuses, there are also squid, cuttlefish, nautiluses, and things in jars! (And yes, I would happily trade a calendar or book or something for one of these. Or real money, if I had it.)


Marnie said...

I love this necklace so much I'm putting it on my birthday wish list on myregistry.com! I have a random obsession with octopus things, so this is perfect for me!

Niko said...

Heh. I glad you like it. I have a thing for cephalopods, too.