01 February 2010

Monday Multiples: Morning Walk by Rudolf Kurz

There's just something about the line quality in an etching that makes it so rich. Just looking at it, you can almost imagine running your fingers over the surface of the print and feeling the raised lines of ink.

This week's print pick is "Morning Walk" by Rudolf Kurz (aka Rudolfkurz on Etsy). The artist describes this print as, "Two slightly seedy looking characters are taking their pets for a walk." Their pets, of course, are little dinosaurs, which appeals to my sense of the bizarre and whimsical.

You can find this print and other, similarly strange, works in the artist's Etsy shop. It's also included in a lovely book, Looking for Snails on a Sunday Afternoon, published by the fabulous Porcupine's Quill (who also publish the printer's journal Devil's Artisan).


Carol said...

Beautiful illustration, and like you, I love the idea of taking dinosaurs for a walk!

Niko said...

Wouldn't it be fun to have a pet dinosaur? (As long as it wasn't a bitey one.)

Carol said...

A nice little vegetarian dinosaur I think. Not like those little sharp toothed guys so popular in movies. Hey, this is the best word verification I've seen - "smsmsts" - I feel as though I should take it into my vocabulary but I'm not sure how. If I ever get a pet dinosaur, that's what I'll call it.

Anonymous said...
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