09 February 2010

Monday Multiples (a day late): A Walk in the Woods by Atelier Conti

I was in the big city all day yesterday, and didn't get home until midnight, so this week's Monday Multiple is a Tuesday Multiple.

This time I bring you a beautiful print from Atelier Conti, a printmaking studio in France. Do take time to browse their Etsy shop; it's full of beautiful work. The one I'm completely enchanted with, though, is this:

It's "A Walk in the Woods," a 5-colour aquatint etching. I wish I had a fraction of such ability with aquatint.

They've also got a blog, if you want to see what the studio looks like and learn more about the processes involved. If I ever go to France, I'll see if they'll let me drop by for a visit.

1 comment:

mooaany said...

spectacular, I would love to know more about the technique, the outcome is beautiful