18 February 2010

Re-Post from My Other (new) Blog, BFG

Once upon a time, I used my blog to write about everything. I blathered on about writing, reading, my art, comics, craft, and my life. It was kind of a public journal for my friends and family to keep up to date on what I was doing, because I have a tendency to pick up and move to the other side of the country with little or no warning.

Now that I'm trying to become a little more serious about my letterpress printing and bookbinding business, it seems that craft and art have taken over Anagram for Ink. And I realized that the people who read my blog for my writing about art and craft might not be interested in video games, or comics, or anime. But those are still things I love and things I am around every day. Also, even though I can use my work blog to talk about videogames, my job is really supposed to be PlayStation Portable specifically, so I can't really babble about the great anime I watched the other day.

It feels a bit like I'm separating myself into two different personalities, but this way the people who want to read about bookbinding and printing can go to Anagram for Ink, and the people who want to read about comics and videogames and SF can go to BFG. And my poor friends and family will just have to read both. But then some of them think I don't blog often enough, anyway.

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