15 February 2010

Monday Multiples: Vixen in the Snow

This week's print was so hard to choose. I knew exactly which artist I wanted to feature, but she has so many lovely things. Science! Sea things! All those things I love. I had decided on the nautilus, but then I found this lovely fox.

You'll find this linocut print and other equally beautiful ones in things from secret minouette places on Etsy. You can also find out more about minouette on her blogs magpie & whiskeyjack and the ongoing saga of minouette. Plus, she's got a Facebook fan page, so go become a fan if you like her work.


minouette said...

Hi Niko!

Thanks very much for featuring my fox, linking to everything and for letting me know! I'm flattered. :) I know you've got some beautiful things in your shops and I'm particularly fascinated by the letterpress work.

Ele (aka minouette)

Niko said...

You're very welcome! I think more people need to know about the amazing printmaking that goes on.