23 February 2010

Monday Multiples (a day late): Belted Kingfisher

This week's Monday Multiple (yeah, yeah, late again), presented by Anagram for Ink, is a print by Anagram Press. Nice name for a press, don't you think? This print is part of a series of birds, which I'd love to bind in an album, but the printer also makes artist's books and probably doesn't need my help (grin).

Anagram Press is Chandler O'Leary, who does letterpress, lino and artist's books. You can read more about the work on the Anagram Press Etsy shop, website, and blog, or follow them on Twitter.


Chandler said...

Aw, thanks for the plug and compliments! Actually, I just finished making clamshell box sets for all 25 birds. HUGE undertaking, as I'm sure you know!


Niko said...

Fantastic! I hope you'll post pictures of the boxes.