24 February 2010

Wednesday Wishlist: Miniature Pocket Globe

I've been eying this tiny globe from Bo Press for some time now.

Bo Press is the work of Patricia Sweet, who designs and prints (digitally) tiny books and globes and maps and binds them using traditional binding techniques. Not only are the books tiny and lovely, but they are full of exactly the kinds of things I like: science (especially the mad sort), maps, folklore, and the like. Please have a look at the Bo Press Etsy shop, where you'll find all this and more.

I especially want to feature Bo Press, not just because Patricia Sweet makes such cool stuff, but because I am also a happy customer and I can tell you that the customer service is top-notch. I purchased a tiny Bo Press book on eBay some time ago. When it got lost in the mail, it was not only quickly replaced, but a lovely bonus was included as well. I will definitely buy more Bo Press things--and I especially want one of those globes. Plus, I've been inspired to make more tiny books of my own (you can see some of my miniature books, in jewellery form, in my Anagram for Ink Etsy shop).

Edit: Also check out the Bo Press website for all the books and globes, and if you feel like buying something, I'd advise buying it from the website rather than the Etsy shop, so more of the purchase price goes to the artist.

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